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steve-jobsBefore he passed away in 2011, Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was asked what the biggest accomplishment was during his life. He was responsible for technology that changed forever the world of communication. He said it wasn’t the iPhone or the iPad that he was most proud of. His biggest accomplishment was that he focused on the journey and not the destination, because the destination is the disease and journey is the reward.
And the problem with destination disease is that people focus on when I get THERE my job will be better, when I get THERE my career will be better, when I get THERE my life will be better. You know what the problem with that mindset is?  They aren’t focused on the here and now and what its going to take for them to get to that point in their lives. They are focusing on D and they haven’t even gotten to A,B,or C yet.  Instead of focusing on the past or whats going to happen in the future, focus on TODAY. Because you know what the future is? A bunch of What-You-Do-Todays strung together.
Don’t focus on where you were yesterday or where you’ll be tomorrow because that is taking away from how successful you could be today.  Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today and focus on not counting the days but making each day count.  Love the process and you’ll love what the process produces.  To be successful in anything you do, you must describe what you do as a process.
So how do you cure destination disease?
Lets say you are going to drive across the country and you’re going to leave at midnight, completely dark, can you drive across the country… in complete darkness? The answer is yes if you have what?.… Headlights, right? Headlights don’t let me see from New York to LA; what they let me do is see the next 200 feet of the road.
In your day you have different 200 foot segments. For an athlete 200 feet is breakfast, 200 feet is class, 200 feet is another class, 200 feet is lunch, 200 feet is working out, 200 feet is film study, 200 feet is practice, 200 feet is dinner, 200 feet is homework, 200 feet is going to bed.
You focus on the process by being at your very best in each of those 200 foot segments. By taking it step by step and being the best you can in be those segments, you give yourself the best chance at getting the outcome you want. Each 200 foot segment gets you to your desired destination.

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