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O-Line Mentality







                                                Never give up


“I’m an offensive lineman. You can put my grandmother back there and I don’t care, I want to be able to run the ball. That’s an offensive linemen’s attitude. I am not denying that some [running] backs are better than others, but we’ve got to take that challenge upon ourselves. If one of our backs goes out, we have to put it on our back and we’ve done a poor job of that.”


Sophomore offensive lineman Mason Walters on the mentality that the Texas offensive line needs going into the Holiday Bowl. Known for his fiery disposition and recently compared by Mack Brown to former Longhorn and all-around nasty dude Kasey Studdard, Walters is quickly becoming a leader along the line. Not to mention the most quotable.



“Linemen are literally the unsung heroes of the game. Their situation is analogous to the infantry in warfare. They do the hard, bitter fighting for victory. As the generals reap the headlines in war, the backs reap the headlines in football. Yet in their hearts, the generals and backs know that victory and the accolades came to them through the work of the footsoldiers and linemen.”


— Gomer Jones (Bud Wilkinson’s line coach at Oklahoma)


“We are offensive linemen, part of the o-line. Five guys working as a unit within the football team to establish the tempo and demeanor of the game. Our job description doesn’t sound fun, interesting or flashy, nor should it. Those who know football know the game is won or lost in the trenches, along the line. We start the play and if we are good we finish it. We are the O-Line, we set the examples, we “LEAD FROM THE FRONT.”

— Grey Ruegamer(Offensive lineman for the New York Giants)


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