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If You Have Failed


By Brian Cain

Now that I have your attention, lets talk about all the setbacks you have had, all the obstacles you have faced, all the adversity around you, the barriers, the breakdowns, failures and tremendous falls… doesn’t it just stink to think about how many times you have failed?

Failure is great, you want to fail, you need to fail, failing may be the best thing that ever happened to you!

Do you think I am crazy?

When was the last time you saw or watched a tremendous comeback victory? Surely it is great to watch a team come from nearly being beaten into the ground and then slowly they turn things in the other direction and eventually comes back and win! Could you have a comeback without failure?… NO

People that succeed without failure are not as satisfied, compared to those that overcome many barriers and setbacks and eventually become successful. If you disagree think about not drinking any fluids for a week straight, think about how dry your mouth would be, how much pain you may be in, and how completely thirsty you would be, when you finally get that drink of water it would be AMAZING. Now if you were on your 10th glass of water in one day, you might be asking for something else…

We are naturally born with the ability to keep trying and trying, but as we age we forget this ability and then suddenly we are far to intimidated to use it, think about a young baby trying to walk, how many times did that baby fail? Probably more then we can count, but did that baby ever say, “I am done, I quit, I will never be able to walk?” NO, every time the baby falls he/she gets right back up.

Here are a few different ways of viewing failures that may help change your perception and help you bounce back and get back on track!

A setback is a setup for a comeback!

Turn obstacles into stepping stones

Turn breakdowns into breakthroughs!!

Remember the story of the baby, next time you feel like quitting… see if you know who this next article is concerning?? He failed in business — age 22.
He ran for the legislature and lost — age 23.
He failed in business again — age 24.
He was elected to the legislature — age 25.
His sweetheart died — age 26.
He had a nervous breakdown — age 27.
He was defeated for Speaker — age 29.
He was defeated for Elector — age 31.
He was defeated for Congress — age 34.
He was elected to Congress — age 37.
He was defeated for Congress — age 39.
He was defeated for Senate — age 46.
He was defeated for Vice President — age 47.
He was defeated for Senate — age 49.
He was elected PRESIDENT — age 51.

Who was he???

That’s the record of Abraham Lincoln.

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